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Emus & Sebastopol Geese

Hippie Hens Homestead started with a passion for birds and a sustainable lifestyle.

Our little homestead is located in Glennville, Ca. We raise standard, blonde, and rare white Emus. We also care for and love our  beautiful gaggle of Sebastopol Geese that are a great addition to any farm. We offer Emu Chicks and Sebastopol Goslings for sale.

Welcome to Hippie Hens Homestead in Central California

Emus & Sebastopol Geese

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Everything We Offer

Sebastopol Geese


Farm Stand

We are a family of 5 who spends our days caring for our birds, gardening and canning! We provide farm fresh eggs to our community from our flock of hens, and in 2024 we are opening a roadside farmstand in Glennville, CA. Locals will be able to get eggs, veggies, canned jam, pickled goods, and fresh flowers. This is our passion and way of life. Growing up, I always loved birds and wanted to live in a mountain community. 6 years ago, I made that happen. I now have my 20 yr old Rose Breasted Cockatoo, 2 rescue White Doves, Pigeons, Chickens, Ducks, Emus and  Sebastopol Geese.

I want to share my passion for gardening and birds with others. Being closer to earth and nature has brought me a peace that I cannot describe. Having feathered friends brings me great joy. Being able to grow your own food is empowering. Please stay tuned as we grow our blog, share recipes and gardening tips. Stay updated on upcoming hatches of our beautiful goslings and emu chicks. - Ginger

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