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Hippie Hens Homestead

Our Versatile Farm Birds


At Hippie Hens, we offer three beautiful colors of emus: standard, blonde, and rare white. Our blonde boy "Big Bird is a larger Emu. Our standards are loving and sweet and boast the blue neck. Our white emus have blue eyes and are simply beautiful. Our emus are raised with care and love, and we ensure they have the best healthy diets and human interaction. We thoroughly enjoy raising baby emu chicks and getting them ready for their new home.

Things we love about Emus

  • 2nd Largest bird in the world

  • 20+ Year Life Span in captivity

  • Can run up to 30 MPH

  • Can reach 6.5 ft Tall

  • Make Drumming Noises

  • Living Dinosaurs

  • Males sit on eggs and hatch chicks

  • They won a war in Australia

  • Each feather is double-shafted

  • Easy to care for and can bond with humans

  • Emu Oil has many health benefits

  • An Emu egg can weigh 1-2 lbs and be  5" and are a very vibrant emerald green

  • Emu meat is low in cholesterol and heart healthy

Sebastopol Geese

Our Sebastopol Geese are a true sight to behold with their beautiful curly feathers. We currently have solid white, smooth and curly breasted in our flock, as well as a grey gander and goose.  We take pride in raising them with the utmost care and love, and we ensure they have the best possible living conditions. We believe in sustainable practices and strive to provide the best possible environment for our birds. Our birds roam our yard and are a part of our family. They love their kiddie pools, carrots, romaine, and frozen peas for treats.

Things we love about our Sebbies

  • Endangered Species / Rare

  • Ganders are approx 14 lbs

  • Geese are approx 12 lbs

  • Average Life Span is 25 years

  • Excellent Weed Eaters

  • Frizzled Curly Feathers

  • Friendly and pleasant disposition

  • Lays 25-35 eggs per year

  • Wonderful Parents, Good Mothers

  • Variety of Colors

  • Gorgeous Blue Eyes

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